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Child Abuse

Physical Abuse; Sexual Abuse; Internet Crimes

Attorney Michael Thomas Woodyard served for nearly 10 years in the Child Abuse Unit of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. He lectured for state-wide law enforcement training programs and has professional relationships with police, prosecutors, medical professionals and expert witnesses throughout Michigan. He has tried dozens and dozens of child abuse jury trials, and has personally interviewed hundreds and hundreds of children who claimed to have been victimized.


If you have been accused of a crime involving a child, you need a lawyer, and experience matters.

Assaultive Crimes

Homicide; Domestic Assault; Sexual Assault; Weapons

No two criminal cases are the same, and the only way to understand the complexities of the most serious felonies is to actually have been involved in them. In his former career, attorney Michael Thomas Woodyard tried dozens and dozens of jury trials involving the most serious felonies, including homicides, domestic assaults, sexual assaults, and weapons charges.


If you have been accused of homicide, domestic assault or a weapons offense, you need a lawyer, and experience matters.

White Collar Crimes

Embezzlement; Public Trust; Fraud

While serving as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Woodyard was  tapped to join an elite team of veteran prosecutors who investigated police officers, elected officials, and people who held positions of public trust. Mr. Woodyard knows how the prosecutors and police investigate these types of "white-collar" cases. He knows where they cut corners, and he knows how tactics and strategies are developed.


If you are under investigation or if you have been charged with a white collar crime, you need a lawyer, and experience matters.

Regulatory Investigations

Environmental; Professional Licensing; Health and Safety

When your reputation, or your ability to practice your profession or pursue your business, is at stake, you need experienced counsel. Attorney Michael Thomas Woodyard has devoted years to investigating the most complex and involved cases. He has unparalleled experience working with government agencies.


When your livelihood is at stake, you need competent and experienced counsel. 

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